Homemade Teeth Whitening Solutions

If an individual happens to drink alot of caffeine or tea or even smoke alot may have stains around their teeth or even a yellow tint to their teeth. Going in to the dentist to get their teeth whitened can become an expensive way to whiten teeth but there are a few homemade teeth whitening recipesthat are easy to do and are cost effective.

One of the first treatments is two maybe three teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide mixed with equal parts of baking soda. If the flavor of the peroxide is too much then consider putting in some peppermint to the mix to make it taste better. By adding some water to the mix it would create more of a solid paste. An individual would want to use this paste right after they brush their teeth. One would want to use their toothbrush to apply the homemade teeth whitening mixture to help blend in the mixture. An individual would want to leave this mixture on for a little bit.

When using this homemade tooth whitening solution an individual would want to make sure that these homemade tooth whiteners does not go into their stomach at all. After a few minutes an individual would want to wash out their mouth completely by using only water. This mixture will help to whiten someone’s teeth. An individual would not want to use this treatment alot, only about three to five times per month; due to the fact that the smaller bits of the baking soda can hurt the individuals tooth enamel.

Another homemade remedy can include adding some table salt to smaller amounts into toothpaste. If an individual finds themselves having issues with cavities, and some gum problems would want to stay away from this home tooth made teeth whitening cure because it can affects the gums surrounding the teeth.

Another popular homemade teeth whitening treatment is using ash. The ash, wood ash, has potassium hydroxide in it which is a great teeth bleaching agent. The smaller particles and particles of the ash get to inside of the mouth and even behind the teeth that is affected that it is used on.

Another low-cost homemade teeth whitening solution that is very popular includes mixing the ingredients together such as strawberries, baking soda, wood ash, and hydrogen peroxide. To see the maximum results they would want to use these after they get done brushing their too along with using toothpaste.
When using any type of natural teeth whitening cures and solution an individual would not want to rub in the solution too hard because the seeds of the strawberry or even the baking soda could eventually corrode the teeth’s top enamel. After using these natural home remedies that they see light or even discolorations an individual would want to make sure that they talk to either their

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